How You Come to be An Expert 8 Ball Pool Gamer


Every tough core 8 Ball Pool gamer has actually questioned ways to do it: The best ways to end up being an expert 8 Ball Pool gamer. First things initially. You need to obtain you video game controlled which indicates correct training.

Educating Checklist

Right here’s my checklist of activities– a method checklist to obtain your video game controlled. I modified it to earn this recommendations fit any kind of gamer of any kind of ability degree. This will certainly boost your video game likewise!

  1. Attempt not to thrill on your own however simply do your regular capturing – if you flaunt while a pool trainer is seeing, they will certainly be incapable to detect your problems with precision.
  2. Enter into your complete position (down at the table, all set for method strokes) after that thoroughly inspect your size of bridge (the range in between the loophole of your shut hand as well as the cue ball) – every fantastic gamer bridges a regular range to the following tool rate shot.
  3. Do my “windmill drill”, standing at “port arms,” feel your bridge arm telescope to before the facility of your breast bone (as well as before your shooting hand) prior to taking the last complete position, do this over as well as once again – try right into area, try, action and check, repeat – much like the pros to obtain specifically the appropriate connecting as well as position range to the cue ball. Try this 8 Ball Pool Hack tool to generate unlimited free coins and cash.
  4. Fire a couple of “cue balls just” in the edge or side (transform the red stripes on candy striped spheres to the pocket to examine placement as well as fire those in the pockets) obtain peaceful pool eyes in between you’re the conclusion of your last method stroke as well as your shot stroke, as well as for at the very least 2 loosened up secs.
  5. Fire 5 “cue balls” right into the pockets in 5 secs or much less – windmill down, shoot – windmill down, shoot – really quick – bear in mind all we went over regarding exactly how any kind of expert pool gamer’s slogan is “great and also simple” (brushing pressure as well as utilize) does it, as well as does it quite possibly without a doubt.
  6. Take your position a number of extra times with your eyes shut – devote! If you hesitate to rap the top of the cue ball with your cue stick you’ll constantly hesitate to obtain fairly near to the cue ball with the cue pointer in your position.
  7. Next off, take your position once again with eyes shut, open your eyes to inspect and also validate your range as well as bridge size, shut your eyes, stroke the sphere right into pocket (a cue ball( s) just).
  8. Exercise my 2 right wrist motions for billiards with no cue stick, making use of just ulna and also radial inconsistency to recede and also forth, and also forth and also back once more, along the shot line.
  9. “Windmill down,” verifying that your head transforms with your upper body to stay focused over your trunk EXACTLY like in boxing, golf, baseball, and also a loads various other stick as well as round sporting activities, validating likewise that your eyes relocate to fired line, not your whole head, you could really feel where head remains in room by removaling from the chin as soon as you remain in your stance/getting to your last, total position.
  10. Establish a couple of rounds and also method 1) gold angles, 2) getting in the broad part of form areas 3) diminishing the objective line for the upcoming sphere, 4) fleing from the objective line for the following shot.
  11. Financial institution 2 side pocket shots securely with difficult within right, switch over to much side of very same pocket and also financial institution 2 to your left. After that financial institution 2 spin financial institutions with soft outdoors from edge to side, 2 with outdoors right, button to opposite of table, 2 with outdoors left once again.
  12. Exercise hard open breaks and also runs/shape/position by damaging as well as running shelfs of 3 Sphere (break from the cooking area, putting 3 spheres in a little triangular form on the foot area, not 3 rounds in a straight line) – bear in mind to utilize your “appear the wall surface” break 5 or 10 times at the very least – pushing to conquer the all-natural resistance the cue ball uses your break stroke at effect – fire a couple of “cue balls” extremely, really hard right into the much edge pocket as I suggest to heat your break stroke if you require – this will certainly assist you bear down and also resolve the body in for the real break stroke( s).

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Gangstar New Orleans OpenWorld Review – The bad boy goes to Mardi Gras


Today our hero will attract noise, fights, fast cars and machine guns. It is at ease in the cities of vice. That’s why, in this Gangstar New Orleans OpenWorld, you have come to this beautiful city, to enjoy the whole party, the parades, the color of the streets and the natural girls.

Gangstar New Orleans OpenWorld – More sandbox than ever

Gameloft brings us a new installment of its franchise titled Gangstar New Orleans OpenWorld. If the accounts do not fail me, this is the ninth title of the saga. They are making the most of the reference sandbox for mobile devices. This time the game comes with more weapons, more vehicles, and more quirky characters. But above all, the map has been significantly expanded and being able to travel freely at your pace, and we can be hooked to our devices for hours.

Set in the already hugely famous city of New Orleans (must see the promotion you are giving in films and series following the disaster of Hurricane Katrina), you can take your character to meet the necessary missions to become the owner crime organized. Along the way you can enjoy the peculiar charm that the city has and, of course, join the carnival.

Earn respect for machine gun tip

I suppose many of you already know what the scroll is, but in case you have just fallen from a guide or hibernated in a cave for the last 15 years, I can quickly update you.

The Gangstar saga is what has been the mobile copy of the game Grand Theft Auto 3 (GTA3). And it is an ambitious gangster who wants to become the owner of the city at all costs. To do this, you will not hesitate to take your machine gun and charge everyone who gets ahead. You will receive missions to go climbing in the guild of the crime and thus to make a name in the territory. The goal is to gain control of the entire city, earn money, respect and sow chaos among the police.

That’s the mechanics of the game, but now we’ll go a little deeper, so you do not have doubts about whether or not to try this Gangstar New Orleans OpenWorld.

The Mafioso’s Fat Book

We can clearly differentiate two modes of play; One is to follow the story mode, where through contacting other characters you can perform missions that help you achieve your goals. The other mode is the control of the territory, where you must complete a series of actions to gain the respect of the area and to make money with your business.

Each time you attempt a mission, you will consume energy points. When you finish it successfully you will be rewarded with money, jewelry objects to improve your inventory, weapons or new cars. You can also get new thugs to put themselves at your service because when you get control of a territory, you will need people to defend you while you expand the business.

These rewards are given through jars of spirits, which have been the equivalent of the prize boxes that exist in almost all F2P mobile games.

Find the ramps to go to the top

The first thing you will see to play will be the map of the city of New Orleans. In addition to telling you your current position, you can consult everything you need. Your territories, messages from other characters to accomplish your missions, your daily goals and achievements (which will give you more rewards), your inventory and your social zone to get in touch with your friends.

The map also hides hidden collection objects, so the duration to fully complete the game can become endless.

One of the attractions of this type of games is the possibility of driving any vehicle that we see, each one with different characteristics. It will not be the same to drive a car like a motorcycle, a trailer or a backhoe. Everyone gives their game, and they are very fun to wear. But, what is more, it is to find some of the many ramps spread all over the map, catch speed and take a breathtaking jump in slow motion to leave everyone with the mouth open.

Hey man, you want to make easy money?

If you already have experience in this type of games, I am sure that this Gangstar New Orleans OpenWorld will not let you down. If you do not have it, try to enter into this atmosphere of action and destruction, because once you are inside will not leave you indifferent.

For more information on the game, go to our full Gangstar New Orleans guide. Until then enjoy the breadth of the map and take the stress out by striking four shots out there.

Gangstar New Orleans OpenWorld Trailer

Analysis of Gangstar New Orleans OpenWorld by categories:


The game has all the characteristics to be a game. It has a comprehensive map to move freely, lots of gadgets to configure, objects to collect, etc. It houses a lot of action and a story well framed. The weak point that I encounter is the handling of the character. Sometimes it gets quite complicated to move it to where you want in the scenes of shootings (which are a few). It makes you a little crazy when it comes to targeting your target or standing behind a wall. Sometimes there are so many chances to wade away that it is not at all comfortable.


The graphics are nothing exceptional. He thinks it’s a big map of the open world and it requires a lot of resources. Keep in mind also, that since you do not have a powerful device, the game is going to be jumping, which changes me a lot. Even if you lower the resolution and detail, you may not be able to solve the problem completely. It is one of the hits of this type of games when we talk about playing them on platforms with limited graphics resources.


It’s the best of the game. You hear a soundtrack according to the atmosphere of the same. It has rhythm, depth and becomes bearable. This is another feature that made GTA3 famous. Although it does not get even close to its level, it is clear that the reference has been taken to perfection. Good job.

This is an endless game

Final verdict:

Gangstar New Orleans OpenWorld is a game that truly is worth playing. It has hours and hours and hours of play. If you are one of the gamers who loves to rummage through the games and get everything they have inside, you will know that with a sandbox that you have it secured. Some weapons, vehicles, map size, missions, personalization of your character and so on, is so that this game never ends.

On the other hand, I think that, in this type of games, it becomes a little thick to play them on the mobile. Precisely because of that, because they are games that never end. They are not to take a while waiting for the doctor’s tail, but they are to lay in bed at night to devote a lot of time. Although this is only my opinion of what must be a real mobile game.

Still, it is a market that needs to be covered. And Gameloft, with the power it has, is one of the few developers who are capable of doing it.

What do you think of this Gangstar New Orleans OpenWorld?

You agree with me? Below you have a section to tell us what you think of this game. We are very interested in your opinion. Be brave and live the game. Remember that you can also see more games of this type in the action games section for a smartphone.

Join the Resistance and Fight to the End – Cover Fire Review

Cover Fire Review

Latest news: Tetracorp has invaded several areas and occupied key ports and stations. They are taking over the resources, the communications and are subjecting the population.

You, as part of the resistance, must form an elite team to disrupt this operation. Your group will be created by a hacker, a sniper, a demolisher, and an assault technician. Unleash all the weapon power you have and win the victory.

Cover Fire – Become the Legend of Rebellion

The 1MBand indie studio, with the support of Sevillana Genera Games, brings us this shooter in which they put to the test all the graphic potential of today’s smartphones. There is no doubt that these guys know how to do things right. It consists of only five people and, not long ago, they won the prestigious international award for the best of 2017 in the Indie Prizes of the International Casual Connect conference in Berlin. A triumph among more than 460 participants from 63 different countries.

After spending some time playing with him, there is no room for doubt. The game is worth it. Because they have managed to create an action game that delves into the atmosphere of war. Both the sound effects, the movements of the characters and the action of the weapons reflect a comprehensive study of the subject. Congratulations guys. Excellent work.

Choose your assault squad and attack

The story presents different missions with the aim of freeing the resistance. These tasks will consist mostly of assault operations. But you will also be able to use your sniper or your demolition expert. The latter will carry on his shoulder his huge bazooka to raze everything in its path.

Note: watch out for the shot that ends the last enemy in sniper operations. It creates a very cool effect.

The mechanics of the game are quite simple. You find yourself crouched after a goal, avoiding being fired. Your enemies are the same. And when one of them strikes his head to shoot you, you must be faster than him and annihilate you first. When you have finished with all, you will have completed the mission.

Come out of the raft, I want to see your tail

There is no better phrase to describe this game. Robert De Niro told his famous “lawyer” in the movie “The Cape of Fear”. And it is what we will wait patiently (sometimes not so much) to take our games to the useful purpose. I hope … I wait … I wait … I see you … bullet in the head !!

As we progress through the game, we will receive letters to improve our weaponry, combat skills or special abilities (perks). We will unlock new characters (some very fun) and new weapons. As always, we can do this by making purchases with real money in the store.

From time to time we will be able to participate in qualifying tournaments that will provide us with cups. These consist of facing the main character of other players. You will advance through a scenario with henchmen until you finish the main actor. The farther you get with the limited tickets you have, the more cups you’ll get and the higher you’ll be on the board. When the event is over, you will receive your reward, and you will be able to redeem in the market for letters.

More exciting than Team A

Cover Fire has striking visual effects. Highlight 3D touch, in which, if you have an Apple device of the last generation, you can give more force to the bullet if you press harder on the screen. This feature is still very little seen. And the best of all. It is a Spanish indie game. All an example for our studies, a value that is on the rise and that intends to give a lot of war in the market.

This game has a lot of action. If you like the genre, do not overlook the opportunity to try it. I’m sure you’ll be surprised.

Cover Fire Trailer

Cover Fire Review by categories:


As we said before, the mechanics of the game is very simple. Crouch, aim and shoot. That is all. But the skill in knowing when to shoot and squat is what will give you the advantage to go forward in history. In this sense, we see nothing new. There are many similar titles on the market that have these mechanics.

What we are going to emphasize, is the utility of the perks. I like especially slow motion how smooth it is. The change of tone is a good thing that makes the environment thin and seems more real.


Those who belong to the section of the game are quite satisfied. You have nothing to envy your competitors. The textures are correct, the 3D scenarios are well designed, and the movements of the characters are natural.

The designs on the menus look like authentic works of art. The accompanying illustrations are a real wonder. Many of them would love to have them on a giant poster decorating my workspace. Also, they are not overloaded, they are clear and clean. You will not have trouble moving through them.


This is the section where they stand out. The accompanying soundtrack shows the typical features of action, thriller mix, and espionage. They make you feel that you are immersed in a warlike situation, dark and remote. It has no waste.

As for the effects of sound has taken care of much the whistle of the bullets and the explosions. Something logical if we consider that the main thing in the game is the action. The noise made by the weapons when they are recharged and cocked a good example of the dedication they have had in reproducing them. Again a surprise that makes you smile.

From beginning to end, everything is real

Final verdict:

I still can not believe this is an indie game. It is very successful. No wonder he has received such prestigious awards. It does not look anything like what we are accustomed to is a game of this type. Perhaps we should re-look at the definition of what is an indie game.

My experience is that you spend a lot of fun playing with it. If you like action games, this one will charm you. Because it immerses you completely in the atmosphere (do not forget to play with the headphones), because it is a quality game, and !! what milk !! Because it’s a Spanish game !! Let’s say it high because this industry in our country needs a push. There are great professionals, and they are demonstrating it, inside and outside our borders.

As negative points I find that already past enough phases the game becomes somewhat monotonous, always the same is done. The difference is when you get to the final boss who has something more novelty.

And then I want to make a suggestion to the study and is, that you have the option of having unlimited energy to do the missions in exchange for a fair price. It bothers me that I can not go forward when I’m stuck on a mission, and I would not mind paying for something to take away that frustration.

Moreover, as I said before, an amazing game, which has international awards and deserves it. Great development work.

Super Mario Run Review – Control Mario Bros and be the fastest


Well, the wait is over. Super Mario Run, one of Nintendo’s most anticipated games, has landed a few weeks ago on Android device, while for people who have iOS and have been playing for a few months. Today we bring your reviews, and we hope you like it.

Super Mario Bros and his move to the mobile platform

For people who are accustomed to playing the games of this super franchise, they know their theme and know that they are based on overcoming obstacles by showing the movements and agility of our beloved Mario.

Super Mario Run is the same but with the difference that it follows the premise of a Runner, go ahead and do not stop for anything but adding distinctive touches of our character, maintaining those mythical pirouettes and jumps that characterize both the plumber.

Get coins making epic leaps

Although you only have the control of jumping, the way the world around you reacts and evolves means that it can be much more complicated than it sounds. Mario will jump on small objects, including enemies automatically, but the time when he jumps well is imperative both to eliminate enemies and to fly over gigantic faults and perform special moves. The latter helps you to get many more coins.

This is of paramount importance because coins help everything you do in Super Mario Run while they have always been a staple of the franchise. Now not only determines how well you have played but also acts as the reason to reproduce levels and try to get more coins. This includes special red coins and black coins (which you unlock after you have grabbed all the reds and are even harder to get).

Pass levels and demonstrate your dexterity with Mario

Super Mario Run is as addictive as ever and progressively more difficult as it progresses. Learning your jumps in time to make the most of an attempt is a skill within yourself. The precision and care, often needed, is not so far from Mario games of antiquity.

Customize your experience in the kingdom Mushroom

The game seems to mimic the purchases in the application without asking for real money. The building element of Super Mario Run Kingdom literally exists so you can unlock more objects, houses, shops and other pieces for a central play area using your toad and your coins. This allows you to play special levels, decorate the world as you see fit or open the option to use other characters like Luigi, Princess Peach, and Toad.

When getting new characters, apart from the visual change of the character, alter the rhythm of the game and how to interact with it depending on the character. As always Luigi jumps higher than Mario, so you have to change your style of play.

That immediately gives you another reason to go again and it is clear that Nintendo is not looking for this to be a throwaway experience. If you want to know more about other characters, enter our guide to get all the characters of Super Mario Run.

Nintendo Super Mario Run Trailer

Super Mario Run Category Review:


The gameplay of Super Mario Run is the same as a Runner type game, as we said before, but as is usual for this kind of games, each company adapts it to the style of their game. Nintendo is no exception and adds the typical things of the Super Mario Bros giving a great touch to the game. It also keeps the things that make a game of the saga fun and among these includes its great gameplay that ensures you great hours of play.


As Nintendo has us accustomed, Super Mario Run is a game in which we can see nice and colorful graphics. In itself, we can not say much because the capacity of a mobile phone differs a lot from a console but equally have achieved a great job.


In this section, Nintendo brings us the melodies that we always hear in other games of Super Mario Bros. The atmosphere is very good and the music inside levels are joyful and fun something that we are already accustomed.

Final verdict:

The game is very good and is fun for occasions that you have nothing to do. Super Mario Run is very entertaining and practical and fulfills its role of entertaining.

Nintendo put everything in this game to demonstrate its ability to make triple-A games for mobile. Hopefully, I get it and continue to make mobile games.

Transformers Forged to Fight Review – Giant Robot Fights

Transformers Forged to Fight

The game I will tell you about today was informed by the well-known mobile game developer called Kabam. This is a company that has managed to become a very big place in the mobile market with its great games like Marvel Contest of Champions.

Today it is the turn of the new game made on the Transformers franchise called Transformers Combatants or also known in English by Transformers Forged to Fight.

Lead the Autobots and Triumph

In Transformers Forged to Fight Transformers throughout the franchise’s history are being drawn into the battle for a mysterious enemy and also with this too many clashes. The characters of the first generation, the beast wars, Michael Bayverse and more face each other in battles one by one for the resources that are in this mysterious place and to be able to demonstrate who dominates that area.

This is an evolution of the graphics engine of the game Marvel Contest of Champion, and the new addition would be that of an element for movement in 3D through a sidestepping mechanic.

Simple form of game and bestial combos

You have a surprising amount of control over your bot. Everything is blows and blows but you can change the distance between you and your enemy to change your options. Combining different attacks is the key here as well as making sure you are not getting a beating from your enemy by using blocks and dodge.

Beat all obstacles and get into multiplayer

Each stage is a map with branching routes. This allows players to stray from the path of least resistance to fight powerful enemies for more substantial rewards.

On the multiplayer side, each player gets a base where they can harvest resources, assigning unused bots to protect against invading others. Players can also form alliances by participating in alliance battles for even greater rewards. It’s pretty standard for free to play.

Get new Transformers and arm your team

As in most games, the bottom line is to collect as many characters as you can and then see how they hit each other. New bots come through crystals won the game or bought with real-world money. It is quite random. Getting a character you love is a great feeling.

There is a rock-paper-scissors style system that gives certain advantages of robots over others. So you must control that you use the best robots for that occasion.
We also have a team of three robots that we can choose. There is a larger list of other units that can be traded at the beginning of the missions as the fighting style is different for each robot.

Transformers Forged to Fight Trailer from Kabam

Analysis by category of Transformers Forged to Fight:


The gameplay of Transformers Forged to Fight is good and fluid, for those who have already played the game of Marvel Contest of Champion, it will look the same. The difference is that the gameplay is improved to fit what the Transformers would be with new dynamics and combos. By the way, it’s identical to all the fighting games in 3D.


The game presents some very good graphics especially when we talk about the designs of the bots and the scenarios themselves. The game looks great when played on a high-end mobile. But even using a mobile phone that is not of that range, you can enjoy some very good graphics.


In this section has a very good musical setting but can become tedious and repetitive when you have a good time playing. Apart from that, it has a very sonorous section.

Final verdict:

Transformers Forged to Fight is graphically attractive and 3D animations are very well done. Especially when the bots move to the sides. The game is entertaining and its story is good, you do not need to spend real money to have a 100% experience. This demonstrates the great potential that Kabam has for triple-A games.

The negative thing I can find is that it is almost the same as the Marvel Contest of Champion, but with Transformers and another story, but the rest for me fulfills its mission, which is to entertain.