Company Profile

Breakpoint is a leading developer and publisher of entertainment software for wireless devices. Breakpoint’s output and ethic promote a unilateral spirit of global community, an active development of skills and passion, personal individuality and huge amounts of healthy competitive fun.

Breakpoint develops mobile Java games for all principal handset platforms including: Alcatel, LG, Motorola, Nokia, NEC, Panasonic, Sharp, Sagem, Samsung, Siemens, SonyEricsson, Toshiba. Further porting enhancement as well as other mobile platform coverage (BREW, DOJA) is planned for the immediate future.

Breakpoint titles span most major games genres including action, fighting, racing, sports, puzzle and parlour games. Among the best selling games are: Solitaire, SkiJam 3D, Speedway (the first award winning game to feature online multiplayer racing). W corporations, Rogue Lords and Delta Corps utilize our most advanced game engines. Future projects will be focused on 3D technology with multiplayer modes and community interaction features.

Games are localized to several languages and distributed through business partners to end users from over 50 countries. Breakpoint aims to continue this dynamic expansion.

Technology review:

Games engines:

  • ‘Buzzard’ 360 Rotation Engine (Delta Corps, 360 Fighting Falcon)
  • ‘Spark’ 3D Engine (SkiJam 3D, Monster Police)
  • ‘Titan’ Isometric Engine (W Corporations)
  • ‘Typhoon’ FPP Engine (Rogue Lords)

Games server apps:

  • ‘Gamma’ Wireless Gaming Platform (multiplayer & community platform)
  • ‘sWAP’ Games Download Centre

Games utilities: accelerators, zippers, gfx & sfx optimizing tools, etc.

Breakpoint employs 15 talented specialists who are involved in creating and developing Breakpoint’s products and successful output. Breakpoint takes pride in the personal satisfaction and progression of each individual employee.