Join the Resistance and Fight to the End – Cover Fire Review

Cover Fire Review

Latest news: Tetracorp has invaded several areas and occupied key ports and stations. They are taking over the resources, the communications and are subjecting the population.

You, as part of the resistance, must form an elite team to disrupt this operation. Your group will be created by a hacker, a sniper, a demolisher, and an assault technician. Unleash all the weapon power you have and win the victory.

Cover Fire – Become the Legend of Rebellion

The 1MBand indie studio, with the support of Sevillana Genera Games, brings us this shooter in which they put to the test all the graphic potential of today’s smartphones. There is no doubt that these guys know how to do things right. It consists of only five people and, not long ago, they won the prestigious international award for the best of 2017 in the Indie Prizes of the International Casual Connect conference in Berlin. A triumph among more than 460 participants from 63 different countries.

After spending some time playing with him, there is no room for doubt. The game is worth it. Because they have managed to create an action game that delves into the atmosphere of war. Both the sound effects, the movements of the characters and the action of the weapons reflect a comprehensive study of the subject. Congratulations guys. Excellent work.

Choose your assault squad and attack

The story presents different missions with the aim of freeing the resistance. These tasks will consist mostly of assault operations. But you will also be able to use your sniper or your demolition expert. The latter will carry on his shoulder his huge bazooka to raze everything in its path.

Note: watch out for the shot that ends the last enemy in sniper operations. It creates a very cool effect.

The mechanics of the game are quite simple. You find yourself crouched after a goal, avoiding being fired. Your enemies are the same. And when one of them strikes his head to shoot you, you must be faster than him and annihilate you first. When you have finished with all, you will have completed the mission.

Come out of the raft, I want to see your tail

There is no better phrase to describe this game. Robert De Niro told his famous “lawyer” in the movie “The Cape of Fear”. And it is what we will wait patiently (sometimes not so much) to take our games to the useful purpose. I hope … I wait … I wait … I see you … bullet in the head !!

As we progress through the game, we will receive letters to improve our weaponry, combat skills or special abilities (perks). We will unlock new characters (some very fun) and new weapons. As always, we can do this by making purchases with real money in the store.

From time to time we will be able to participate in qualifying tournaments that will provide us with cups. These consist of facing the main character of other players. You will advance through a scenario with henchmen until you finish the main actor. The farther you get with the limited tickets you have, the more cups you’ll get and the higher you’ll be on the board. When the event is over, you will receive your reward, and you will be able to redeem in the market for letters.

More exciting than Team A

Cover Fire has striking visual effects. Highlight 3D touch, in which, if you have an Apple device of the last generation, you can give more force to the bullet if you press harder on the screen. This feature is still very little seen. And the best of all. It is a Spanish indie game. All an example for our studies, a value that is on the rise and that intends to give a lot of war in the market.

This game has a lot of action. If you like the genre, do not overlook the opportunity to try it. I’m sure you’ll be surprised.

Cover Fire Trailer

Cover Fire Review by categories:


As we said before, the mechanics of the game is very simple. Crouch, aim and shoot. That is all. But the skill in knowing when to shoot and squat is what will give you the advantage to go forward in history. In this sense, we see nothing new. There are many similar titles on the market that have these mechanics.

What we are going to emphasize, is the utility of the perks. I like especially slow motion how smooth it is. The change of tone is a good thing that makes the environment thin and seems more real.


Those who belong to the section of the game are quite satisfied. You have nothing to envy your competitors. The textures are correct, the 3D scenarios are well designed, and the movements of the characters are natural.

The designs on the menus look like authentic works of art. The accompanying illustrations are a real wonder. Many of them would love to have them on a giant poster decorating my workspace. Also, they are not overloaded, they are clear and clean. You will not have trouble moving through them.


This is the section where they stand out. The accompanying soundtrack shows the typical features of action, thriller mix, and espionage. They make you feel that you are immersed in a warlike situation, dark and remote. It has no waste.

As for the effects of sound has taken care of much the whistle of the bullets and the explosions. Something logical if we consider that the main thing in the game is the action. The noise made by the weapons when they are recharged and cocked a good example of the dedication they have had in reproducing them. Again a surprise that makes you smile.

From beginning to end, everything is real

Final verdict:

I still can not believe this is an indie game. It is very successful. No wonder he has received such prestigious awards. It does not look anything like what we are accustomed to is a game of this type. Perhaps we should re-look at the definition of what is an indie game.

My experience is that you spend a lot of fun playing with it. If you like action games, this one will charm you. Because it immerses you completely in the atmosphere (do not forget to play with the headphones), because it is a quality game, and !! what milk !! Because it’s a Spanish game !! Let’s say it high because this industry in our country needs a push. There are great professionals, and they are demonstrating it, inside and outside our borders.

As negative points I find that already past enough phases the game becomes somewhat monotonous, always the same is done. The difference is when you get to the final boss who has something more novelty.

And then I want to make a suggestion to the study and is, that you have the option of having unlimited energy to do the missions in exchange for a fair price. It bothers me that I can not go forward when I’m stuck on a mission, and I would not mind paying for something to take away that frustration.

Moreover, as I said before, an amazing game, which has international awards and deserves it. Great development work.