Super Mario Run Review – Control Mario Bros and be the fastest


Well, the wait is over. Super Mario Run, one of Nintendo’s most anticipated games, has landed a few weeks ago on Android device, while for people who have iOS and have been playing for a few months. Today we bring your reviews, and we hope you like it.

Super Mario Bros and his move to the mobile platform

For people who are accustomed to playing the games of this super franchise, they know their theme and know that they are based on overcoming obstacles by showing the movements and agility of our beloved Mario.

Super Mario Run is the same but with the difference that it follows the premise of a Runner, go ahead and do not stop for anything but adding distinctive touches of our character, maintaining those mythical pirouettes and jumps that characterize both the plumber.

Get coins making epic leaps

Although you only have the control of jumping, the way the world around you reacts and evolves means that it can be much more complicated than it sounds. Mario will jump on small objects, including enemies automatically, but the time when he jumps well is imperative both to eliminate enemies and to fly over gigantic faults and perform special moves. The latter helps you to get many more coins.

This is of paramount importance because coins help everything you do in Super Mario Run while they have always been a staple of the franchise. Now not only determines how well you have played but also acts as the reason to reproduce levels and try to get more coins. This includes special red coins and black coins (which you unlock after you have grabbed all the reds and are even harder to get).

Pass levels and demonstrate your dexterity with Mario

Super Mario Run is as addictive as ever and progressively more difficult as it progresses. Learning your jumps in time to make the most of an attempt is a skill within yourself. The precision and care, often needed, is not so far from Mario games of antiquity.

Customize your experience in the kingdom Mushroom

The game seems to mimic the purchases in the application without asking for real money. The building element of Super Mario Run Kingdom literally exists so you can unlock more objects, houses, shops and other pieces for a central play area using your toad and your coins. This allows you to play special levels, decorate the world as you see fit or open the option to use other characters like Luigi, Princess Peach, and Toad.

When getting new characters, apart from the visual change of the character, alter the rhythm of the game and how to interact with it depending on the character. As always Luigi jumps higher than Mario, so you have to change your style of play.

That immediately gives you another reason to go again and it is clear that Nintendo is not looking for this to be a throwaway experience. If you want to know more about other characters, enter our guide to get all the characters of Super Mario Run.

Nintendo Super Mario Run Trailer

Super Mario Run Category Review:


The gameplay of Super Mario Run is the same as a Runner type game, as we said before, but as is usual for this kind of games, each company adapts it to the style of their game. Nintendo is no exception and adds the typical things of the Super Mario Bros giving a great touch to the game. It also keeps the things that make a game of the saga fun and among these includes its great gameplay that ensures you great hours of play.


As Nintendo has us accustomed, Super Mario Run is a game in which we can see nice and colorful graphics. In itself, we can not say much because the capacity of a mobile phone differs a lot from a console but equally have achieved a great job.


In this section, Nintendo brings us the melodies that we always hear in other games of Super Mario Bros. The atmosphere is very good and the music inside levels are joyful and fun something that we are already accustomed.

Final verdict:

The game is very good and is fun for occasions that you have nothing to do. Super Mario Run is very entertaining and practical and fulfills its role of entertaining.

Nintendo put everything in this game to demonstrate its ability to make triple-A games for mobile. Hopefully, I get it and continue to make mobile games.